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On how many computers can I activate my license?

Posted On14/11/2022
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Your iLok license provides you with 2 activations. You can use dongle-based, machine-based, or iLok Cloud activation through the iLok License Manager.

In case you’re still using the Soundtheory copy protection: You can install and activate Gullfoss on several local user accounts and on different machines, provided that you are the only one using Gullfoss. For a single-user license, you get 2 machine activations and 3 cloud activations. Your machine needs a working internet connection when activating. Cloud activations require the machine to be online permanently when using Gullfoss. Cloud activations do not allow for concurrent sessions (i.e. only one computer can be using Gullfoss at the same time). We highly recommend using a machine activation so that Gullfoss will not be interrupted by internet outages or server down time.

You can also convert your license to iLok by going to your account page and click on the ‘Convert to iLok’ button.


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