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Which DAW to use?

Posted On02/12/2019
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Though there is no simple, direct answer to this question, here are some comparison videos compiled for you to watch and arrive at a decision yourself.

Please remember, buy and use the software that YOU find comfortable to work with and not just because some star musician is using it. Many companies allow you to use a trial version for a week or upto a month. Try using these to arrive at your OWN decision.

Our recommendation for Beginners: FL Studio Fruity or Producer Edition – works on PC and Mac. Buy it at the cheapest price here >>

Finally, it is the music that you produce which resonates with the listeners, and not the DAW which you used.

To buy DAWs in India, go here >>


P.S. Apple Logic Pro is available directly and only on their online App OS store. So this has to be bought via your Apple computer only.

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