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Full-time music professionals need not be reminded about Covid-19 and its after-effects. Most of the live performing musicians have suffered enough. And, along with them, equipment suppliers like us have as well. As they say, it is (hopefully) time to move on. But have business lessons been learnt? Maybe yes, but mostly no. Why so?!

Over the last 40+ years of my observations and interactions with musicians at our studio and also business-wise, i find them to be gentle souls. Most artists are indeed naive in many ways when it comes to making money or doing business. This must be the case with most professionals across various creative art forms, i suppose. Today, social media platforms have several business tools that can help them propel their art – be it simply putting out a video of playing an instrument or releasing a song, or even conducting a masterclass. And, yes, thereby make some money on the side too in the process 🙂

Here is an example i came across on my insta-feed.

This musician not only has made a simple and interesting video, but he also sells the content for 1.99 EUR (which includes a wave file, mp3 file, and sheet music pdf!). Trust me, there are buyers out there. And like this, there are many more things that a musician can do today via these online platforms to generate additional revenue.

Instagram, TikTok (banned in India at the moment), Facebook, WhatsApp, Patreon, etc. and even your own website provides you a chance of showcasing your art. And yes, selling it directly to not just friends and fans, but also end up reaching new audiences – just like i got this reel in my own feed.

Click here to watch it; and that may provide you some new ideas too.

Some benefits of engaging in a “side-business”:

a. indirect income (the most obvious reason)
b. a healthy way to spend your free time (why waste this precious resource by whiling it away)
c. developing a new skill by gaining experience on the side and,
d. in the process, keeping your options open to move to another “line”, if your existing one is stuttering.

Besides the most popular side-activity being teaching music (online / offline), we now have several ways to reach out to newer audiences and markets worldwide. All from the comfort of our homes!

We just have to be at it. Constantly.
Even if it is on-the-side.


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