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Following our article, ‘Unique musical initiative supports Independence Day’ [August 7], ‘Synthesis – The Indian Muse’, the amalgamation of sounds initiated by New Delhi-based ShowCase Events, went live across multiple digital platforms at 11.00am on August 15, 2021. You could view the video supporting the brilliant song conceptualisation by Nanni Singh, “Geeton Mein Woh Aawaaz Hain Hum”, here:


Nanni Singh

“Nothing expresses this sentiment better than music,” says Nanni, “which transcends beyond all barriers.” Featuring 16 amazing Indian artists cutting across multiple genres, they combined their respective talents to celebrate the historic occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, with much credit going to the team behind its

Ravi Iyer

Ravi Iyer

implementation, led by ShowCase’s Nanni: Ravi Iyer [composer], Loy Chacko [lyricist], Aslam Khan [sound management], and Atul Churamani’s Turnkey Music & Publishing [music publisher].

“No greatness can be achieved without some craziness right at the start,” highlights vocalist Dhanashree Pandit-Rai. “The most exciting part for us all was to see the song germinate bit by bit. First, we got the catchy melodic line, then the lyrics came in which seamlessly blended with the music, then came the instrumental bits followed by the vocal parts from different artists. Each time the song would come back [to us] with something added in and, in watching it grow, it was very exciting!”


Dhanashree Pandit Rai

“This is a production of love and bonding,” adds Nanni. “The concept of ‘Geeton Mein Woh Aawaaz Hain Hum’ arose from the desire to represent what our country stands for, through music. This song is an amalgamation of the collective sounds and moves of our country. Sixteen artists, and a dedicated production team, came together to create what we are tremendously happy to call ‘our song’.”

Synthesis – The Indian Muse is regional, national, and international, all at once. In case there was any reiterating required, the Indian consulates of countries like Spain, Malta, and Turkey immediately shared the link, whereas the Ambassador of India in China tweeted saying how much he enjoyed the song. Further, the song was played at the Arab Cultural Centre in U.A.E., and at the Nehru Centre in London. The Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) promoted the song too, post-Independence Day, as a standalone launch with their cultural centres located around the world.


“Geeton Mein Woh Aawaaz Hain Hum” is a genuine fusion of Indian and international sounds and, for me, it is definitely a strong contender for ‘Song Of The Year’. In case you have not heard the song yet, please do so, and decide for yourself…

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