What is Cyber Monday?

Now that we know what Black Friday is, let us understand the term Cyber Monday.

It is a shopping event based around e-commerce websites like SudeepAudio.com. The tradition emerged in the early 2000s when retailers noticed a spike in online shopping every Monday that followed Thanksgiving. People who couldn’t afford to dedicate the time or energy for Black Friday sales would look up bargain deals online.

First coined in November 2005, Cyber Monday offers a hassle-free way for consumers to buy products online, while also supporting eCommerce retailers. In short, it is a continuation of the Black Friday offers.

In India, this trend is emerging and now being labelled as BFCM weekend. Though we have nothing to do with Thanksgiving or such Western concepts, there is no harm for customers getting never-before kind of deals during this period. So go ahead and invest in original music software that is usually the most discounted as of now!

SAve up during this time of the year. Every year. Yes, even in India now.


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