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3. eLicenser troubleshooting

Posted On12/12/2019
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– Firstly, read about protecting the USB elicense keys – physically as well as with a protection insurance planhere >>
– To know about which eLicenser key to buy, read this article >>

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try before hitting the panic button 🙂

Reconnect the eLicenser key

When your licenses are stored onto a USB eLicenser key, the first thing to do is try and reconnect it. While eLicenser keys can work perfectly fine on USB hubs, they sometimes may not appear if the hub isn’t supplying enough power; particularly with passive hubs. If you do need to use a USB hub, choose one with a dedicated power supply. This will ensure each connected device receives enough power from the hub.

If the USB dongle still isn’t showing up, connect it directly to your computer and try different ports. If the eLicenser key still isn’t showing up, the next step is to run maintenance tasks.

Run the Maintenance tasks

Performing the maintenance tasks on a regular basis can help fix issues with both soft and hardware eLicenser keys. It’s a six-step process which includes recovering soft e-licenses, cleaning the eLCC memory, and updating the database. To perform the maintenance tasks, all you need to do is click the Gear icon in the top of the main eLCC window. We recommend checking the box which allows the Maintenance tasks to be performed every time you launch the eLCC app.

If you are still receiving errors, the next step is to reinstall the latest version of eLicenser Control Center.

PC users: Be sure to launch the eLicenser installer and eLCC as Administrator. Do this by right-clicking the installer then selecting Run as Administrator.


Run eLC Helper application (Soft-eLicensers only)

Some products like Cubase Elements do not ship with an eLicenser key. They can work on soft-eLicensers also. However, you may buy the eLicenser USB key separately and transfer the soft-license onto the physical USB key.

IMPORTANT: Only run the eLC Helper app if you receive Soft-eLicenser errors. Running the app will delete any existing Soft e-Licensers.

In rare cases that you receive an error stating your Soft-eLicenser is missing, this means the license failed to be created during installation. When this happens, you cannot request the activation code needed for permanent activation of the program nor can you download licenses. Running the eLC Helper app will automatically reinstall eLicenser Control Center and force the system to create the unique Soft-eLicenser key necessary to activate your software.

PC/Mac installation: 

  1. Close all programs and download eLC Installation Helper for your OS version from here >>
  2. MAC: Navigate to your Downloads folder, double-click the .dmg file, and run eLC Installation
    Navigate to your Downloads folder, right-click the installer, and click Run as Administrator.
  3. Launch eLicenser Control Center.


Contact vendor support

If your USB eLicenser dongle still isn’t being recognized, there may be an issue with the key itself. If the USB dongle is broken, lost, or stolen, you will need to purchase a new eLicenser key and contact vendor support to resolve the issue. If you have bought it from, contact us here >>

Read about eLicenser and also iLok protection plans here >>

Inputs: experience, Steinberg, SweetCare


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