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Antares software activation instructions

Posted On17/04/2023
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Once you receive your Antares software license key (dealer code) from, watch the tutorial video (below) as well as read the activation instructions carefully. Do not be in a rush to do it on your own 🙂

Activation Instructions

1. Install Auto-Tune Central

Download and run the latest installer for Auto-Tune Central.

2. Open Auto-Tune Central and Log In

Enter your email address and password to log in. 

3. Navigate to the Redeem a License Tab

In the top banner of Auto-Tune Central, select “Redeem a License.” Enter your registration code, then select “Redeem and Activate.”

4. You’re all set! 

Now you can use your Antares plug-in(s) in your DAW! Navigate to the “Plug-Ins” tab to install and manage your products. 

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