Some Antares plug-ins require an iLok dongle for authorization, but others can be authorized directly to your computer with Antares Central.  Below is an overview of the different authorization systems required by all Antares plug-ins with links to authorization instructions.

iLok Authorization Required
Antares Central Authorization Required
iLok Registration and Authorization Instructions Antares Central Authorization Instructions
  • Auto-Tune 7 TDM

  • Auto-Tune Vocal Studio (includes Auto-Tune Pro, Auto-Key, and AVOX 4)
  • Auto-Tune Pro® (w/ Auto-Key included)
  • Auto-Tune Artist
  • Auto-Tune EFX+
  • Auto-Tune Access
  • Auto-Key (standalone version not included w/ Auto-Tune Pro)
  • AVOX 4:
    • Harmony Engine
    • Mic Mod EFX
    • Mutator
    • Articulator
    • Warm
    • Aspire
    • Throat
    • Duo
    • Choir
    • Punch
    • Sybil