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Authorizing Accentize plugins

Posted On22/09/2023
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Which kind of licensing system do you use?

Depending on the product we use either iLok or a simple serial key licensing system. The products requiring iLok authorisation are: ChameleonDeRoomProSpectralBalance and VoiceGate. Our serial key protected products are: DeRoomDialogueEnhance and PreTube.

How to get started with iLok protected products?

You will find some guides on how to use iLok protected products here.

Do I need a physical iLok dongle?

No, you don’t. For our iLok protected products you just need a free iLok account and to install the free iLok License Manager. You can then activate the product either to a physical iLok, to your iLok Cloud or directly to a machine.

Is there a free trial version available?

Yes, you can try out every product for seven days!

Can I use the software on several machines?

A purchased license allows you to activate the software on up to two machines (or iLoks). This is the case for both iLok and serial key protected products. Please note that both activations can only be used by you. If multiple people need to use the software you have to buy additional licenses. 

I own serial key licenses of your now iLok protected products. Will they continue to work?

The serial keys will continue to work as before. However, newer versions of the products (ChameleonDeRoomProSpectralBalance, VoiceGate) will require using iLok. We recommend converting your licenses to iLok which is free of charge. After logging in to your account you will see a button to convert the licenses in the User Area. Note, that the conversion process cannot be reverted. If you decide not to use iLok, after logging in you can see the installers to prior serial key protected versions on the very bottom of each product page. 

I converted my licenses and added them to my iLok but the plugin still wants a license key?

Please download the most recent installer of the plugins from the product page or your login area. Only the new versions have the iLok support included.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use your software?

The iLok protected plugins (Chameleon, DeRoomPro, Spectralbalance, VoiceGate) require an internet connection for redeeming the activation code in the iLok license manager. Afterwards it is possible to use them offline. Our serial key protected products (DeRoom, DialogueEnhance, Pretube) don’t require any internet connection. 


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