Essentials for a Home Recording Studio

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Essentials for a Home Recording Studio

Posted On01/01/2020
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There will be several online articles on what you need for a home recording audio studio. Here are the key components you need – all available on the webstore.

  1. A Computer – buy it from a reputed computer vendor only to ensure good after sales support.
    • Intel i5 or above processor
    • 8GB RAM
    • 1 TB Hard disc
    • 19″ or higher LED screen
    • USB 3.0 ports
    • ORIGINAL Windows 10 Home or higher


    • iMac or Macbook Pro (after 2016 edition)
    • OS 10.12 or above

2. Audio Interface get your eSA guide>>

3. DAW

4. Studio Monitors get your eSA guide>>


5. Microphones  get your eSA guide>>


6. Headphonesget your eSA guide>>

7. Cables

8. Mic Stand and other accessories

8. Pop Filter

9. Ear Training Software (advisable)

10. Virtual Instruments and Plugins

We also have recommended filtered products under our PACKAGES menu to help you decide faster.

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