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How many software installations are allowed?

Posted On04/12/2019
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This is a very commonly asked and valid question by most software buyers.

Every software company has its own policy of allowing users to install their wares on one or more computers. So it is always safe to check either with Sudeep Audio product description or the FAQs page on the manufacturer site to know the answer.

However, to help you save time in doing all this research, the general rule of thumb is followed by most as under:
1. A serial / challenge based product can be installed on 2 machines under the same user id.

2. If  product uses a physical USB key for licenses (say iLok or eLicenser), then the product license remains on it. So you can install your software on as many computers you want to. But it will work only on that machine in which a valid license dongle is connected.

3. Some companies give you an option to use the Serial / Challenge unlock method OR use an iLok. So it is upto you on what method you want to opt for at the time of product registration itself.

4, Some products do allow more than 2 installations or in some cases, don’t ask you to get a challenge code. But then their license terms state that the user has to be the same person. This is done in pure good faith by such companies, hoping that the liberty given will not be misused.


What if i format my computer?

Though it is rare for Macs to be formatted now and then, even a PC with original Windows OS does not require frequent formatting. However, it is surely possible you may need to do it.

In such cases, inform the plugin or DAW company that you’re doing it BEFORE actually doing it. So at their end, they will delete the computer ID number associated to your account. And once you start afresh, you will be given a new activation code by them.

Frequent or constant requests like “hey i formatted my PC again” will surely raise flags. And then it is upto the software company to issue a new license or not.


What is iLok Cloud?

The iLok Cloud allows iLok Cloud-enabled software to be authorized by any compatible license located in the user’s iLok Account (no need for a physical iLok USB or machine-licensing). This feature requires that the computer is continuously connected to the internet during use. So if you want to avoid being constantly connected to the Net, use the physical iLok instead. Read the pdf on iLok Cloud here >>


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