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Post lockdown tips for your studios

Posted On16/04/2020
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As we all get excited with the thought of going back to our studios after a 40 day+ lockdown (must have felt like 40 months to many!), here are some suggestions to ensure that you do not run into any problems during the startup at your workplace. Do not take anything for granted before you start work in your studios / offices. Our new chatbot tool – eSA – has some very useful tips for you.


  • If possible, please get hold of a good air-conditioning service provider to completely clean up your air-conditioner blowers and also compressors.
  • Since most of the compressors are placed in ducts and conduits, there is a strong possibility that birds may have nested around these places! So please have these points checked and cleaned before powering up your ACs.
  • Internal split AC units should also be cleaned, and on the first time of power up the temperature should be sent to around 25 degree celcius in FAN MODE for atleast over an hour, during this time you can keep the rooms open so that there is proper ventilation.
  • Get your studio some Sun. Ofcourse we all need it badly too 🙂
  • While this happens, start cleaning up the premises of all the dust and other residue that would have got accumulated on your chairs, sofas, etc.



It is possible that some of you switched off the mains before the lockdown began. Most of us may not have had the chance to pack or cover our equipment due to the “nothing will happen in my area” kind of a thought.

BEFORE you power-up your main MCB switches (in case they were turned OFF), make sure all power supply to equipment is still in the OFF Mode. Do not power up the UPS Outputs yet, and let the charge go on for about 3 to 4 hours.

  • All Power Amps / Active Speaker Systems should be in the OFF MODE.
  • Disconnect all Microphone connections from going into their sources.
  • Once you see that the UPS has enough charge in it, power up one equipment at a time, you can start with the least vulrenable units.
  • You can then move on to power up your computer, sound card, outboard processors, studio monitors, etc. ONE BY ONE. If during the powering up process for any reason, an equipment does not turn on, or if it switches off immediately on powering on, DO NOT FORCE ATTEMPT TO POWER AGAIN.
    Wait for a few minutes, and then try just once more. If it does not come on then please call in the technician for further checking.
  • Next, you can power on your external Data Storage device i.e Hard Disk Drives.
  • Since the speaker systems would have been shut off for a long time, it is best advised to run a Pink noise starting at a very low audible level and run it for atleast 15 minutes.



  • Even if one had placed the microphones in their original packing with silica pouches, keep the mics in a normal room temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius.
  • If the mics were not kept in their respective packing, or had been keep mounted on the mic stands before the lockdown, then use a new dry brush and gently wipe the grill, and then keep them in room temperature for a few hours.
  • Do not attempt to blow air into the mics (or any equipment) with your mouth.


Clean all the ear-lobes of all your headphones, especially if they are used by multiple artists.

Ideally, for all further recordings it would best be advised to have the artists to bring their own headsets for listening or recording sessions. has a wide variety of studio headphones to choose from. So buy your own pair and do not use anyone else’s.

Wipe all mic and headphone cables and connectors thoroughly, since there would be a possibility of fungal residue being developed on them in the last few weeks.



  • Given our poor hygiene standards exhibited on streets, do not feel ashamed to ask visitors and clients to remove their footwear outside the studio.
  • Try to always keep anti-bacterial wet wipes that can be handed over to the artist or clients upon entry. These should be disposed off in closed waste-bins.
  • Have a dedicated person who at regular intervals is instructed to wipe off microphone stands, door handles, and any other equipment that is handled by multiple users. OR do this yourself if there is no one else to help.


We are sure your clients / visitors will also co-operate in times of such crisis. And it will help your mind to focus on your music creation / mixing or mastering job.


Download the infographic of this #SAundCheck article here >>


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