I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine…

Posted On28/07/2020
Earlier published in 2013 in my column in Pro Sound Systems.  Note: a composer / producer / engineer / singer referred to as he in the article should also be read as she. This title is a mantra…

Buying audio equipment online in India

Posted On16/07/2020
Over the last few months (more so after India was locked down), we have been getting calls / emails from people from across India, who have discovered our online presence through search engines, or…

Post lockdown tips for your studios

Posted On16/04/2020
As we all get excited with the thought of going back to our studios after a 40 day+ lockdown (must have felt like 40 months to many!), here are some suggestions to ensure that you do not run into…

To say or not to say on stage…

Posted On06/02/2020
Many a times in life when we speak without thinking, we have had to eat our own words. These days, cracking jokes on every social media post or trying to be funny is the “in” thing. But sometimes…

Basics of a Cue Sheet

Posted On07/01/2020
If your music is used in a film or television program, filing a cue sheet with a PRO (Performance Rights Organisation) is an important step in getting paid for your work. Cue sheets are the primary…

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