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Powering up sequence, Cleaning tips

Posted On01/01/2021
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We recommend the following sequence for powering on your system:

Step 1: Turn on PC. Once completely booted up, then turn on your AudioMixer / Sound card , Preamplifier, etc.

Step 2: Turn on the Subwoofer (if any)

Step 3: Turn on your Monitors

This way you can avoid that a power-on cracking noise will reach the tweeters. And if something should be wrong with your output signal (e.g. extremely high level) you will have a chance to recognize this before damaging your ears and monitors. For powering down follow the steps in reverse order. Otherwise all our monitors have a build-in power-on delay. Therefore, it is no problem to power-on all of them simultaneously by a switch socket.



We recommend using a lint-free, damp cloth for cleaning. The loudspeaker membranes may be dusted using a very soft brush.


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