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Support for Audient or EVO hardware

Posted On01/02/2021
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  • For any product specific support or downloading latest drivers for Mac / PC, go here
  • Warranty information for Audient is given here


  • Troubleshooting and other basics for EVO given here
  • EVO Warranty given here

If you still don’t find help from the above links given for Audient or EVO, then please fill up this manufacturer support form


Sudeep Audio customers – please fill this form – with your purchase invoice (pdf), and get connected to the authorised service centre(s) near you immediately.

In India, the authorised service centre is located in Chennai.

  • Shipping costs of sending and getting back the product(s) to and from the service centre are borne by the customer.
  • The service centre will update you on the cost of repair and/or parts not covered under the manufacturer warranty terms.


Rest assured, our SA team will assist you all along this process – whether the product is in warranty or not.


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