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Buying audio equipment online in India

Posted On16/07/2020
Over the last few months (more so after India was locked down), we have been getting calls / emails from people from across India, who have discovered our online presence through search engines, or…
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Pro Tools File Type Support on macOS Catalina

Posted On19/12/2019
Apple has completed their transition to 64-bit technology with macOS Catalina.  Pro Tools is a 64-bit application, but it has been relying on a few external 32-bit components for import, export, and…
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Pro Tools reinstatement to be discontinued

Posted On05/12/2019
Starting January 1st, 2020, Avid will no longer offer ‘reinstatement’ pricing to reactivate your annual plan. Below are some common questions you may have about the final sale of…
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Why don’t certain products appear in iZotope Product Portal?

Posted On24/11/2019
There are a few reasons you may not see a product you own in the iZotope Product Portal: Exponential Audio products will not show up in Product Portal, these can be seen in your account…

Think Global. Buy Local.

Posted On21/07/2018
You can buy original music software (DAW, plug-ins, sample libraries, upgrades) online from international stores and also through their authorised India exclusive dealer in India…

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