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ToonTrack Installation Product Manager Guide

Posted On24/11/2019
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After getting your Toontrack software serial from, follow these steps to activate and download your purchased products. Follow on-screen instructions carefully.

Step 1: Start by downloading the ToonTrack Product Manager at, it will be in your computer’s default download directory.

Step 2: Double click the installer to launch it. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Once finished the application will be available to use.

– On PC a shortcut will be placed on your desktop
– On Mac the Product Manager will be located in your ‘Appications/ToonTrack’ folder.

Step 4: Launch the Product Manager application and input your ToonTrack account email and password. All of your registered products will appear and be ready to downloaded, updated, or authorized.

Downloading Products

Step 1: To download a product, locate your product in the man section list of products and click the ‘Download Product‘ button to commence.

Step 2: Once the download has finished, simply click the install button. Follow the onscreen instructions and let the program complete the installation.

Step 3: When you have closed the installer, the Product Manager will recognize that the product is installed and a red ‘Authorize’ button will appear. Simply click this button to authorize.

Step 4: Once authorized, the Product Manager will check to see if there are any available updates that need to be installed. If so, a red ‘DOWNLOAD’ button will appear for the updates.

Step 5: Once the updates are finished downloading, start the installers and let them finish. The Product Manager will display checkmarks for each of the completed steps until finally showing a green checkmark that reads “Ready to use”, indicating that your product is fully ready.


The Toontrack Product Manager is a free application for all registered Toontrack users, available for download directly from each user’s account. With the Product Manager, you’ll be able to register, download, install, authorize and update all your Toontrack gear in the simplest possible way – all in one application.

Download it from here >>


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