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3. Educational Eligibility for DAWs

Posted On24/11/2019
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Many DAWs can be purchased at EDU (Educational) or Academic Pricing from SudeepAudio.com.

However, certain rules / terms apply and the manufacturer reserves the right to cancel or revoke the license anytime even after activation if the documents submitted are found to be fraudulent.

These special discounted prices are valid ONLY for currently enrolled students and on-payroll teachers in a music or audio school in India. Past students or teachers are not eligible. Academic institutions themselves can also avail benefit of educational prices.

  1. Avid: third party verification is done on their behalf. Details given here >>
  2. Steinberg: get the Yamaha India educational document from us
  3. Image Line: only the FL Signature Bundle is available at EDU prices. For academic institutes, there are minimum 5-seat licenses at EDU prices. Send us an email for multiple academic licenses pricing.
  4. For other DAWs like Reason, Ableton, Bitwig Studio, Presonus Studio One, etc. contact us for documents needed.

EDU pricing for DAWs here >>

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