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Overview of VSL products with Hello iLok

Posted On18/03/2022
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The pinnacle in the art of sampling. All libraries* were recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna and performed by members of the Synchron Stage Orchestra. Their exceptional sound is created through a combination of highly skilled musicians with scores of scoring sessions under their belt, a fantastic hall, and expert miking by Synchron Stage’s chief recording engineer, Bernd Mazagg. More details here.

* Except Great Rieger Organ, recorded at Wiener Konzerthaus



These libraries were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage. Using the pre-configured convolution reverb of our Vienna Synchron Player, these instruments are placed perfectly on Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna right out of the box, or anywhere you want to them to be, using Vienna MIR or any reverb of your preference.
More details here.



Create large orchestrations in no time wtih some massive tutti and section performances! 28 BBO Packs deliver readily available orchestral power with epic tutti performances, section packs for detailed arranging, and epic phrases & riffs for driving rhythms. Highly inspiring and so easy to use! Starting at €50!

More details here.


Start with Volume 1, the essential instruments and the basic articulations of the orchestra. Expand with more articulations or more instruments. Build your personal orchestra by selcting from nine Volumes offering 157 instruments and ensembles. All instruments were recorded with a tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage, with some added bonus instruments from the Synchron Series.
More details here.


Whether you are playing live on stage, quickly sketching a symphonic idea, looking for inspiration, or arranging hits and “braams” – these packages are resource-friendly, quick and fun! Play the entire orchestra at once, play solo instruments with your right hand while triggering orchestral chords with your left hand, create orchestral pulses and ethereal ambiences on the fly, and so much more! Starting at €105.
More details here.


These libraries were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of our second studio, the Silent Stage. With over 2.8 million pristine sound recordings, the deep-sampled VI Series Libraries are extremely flexible, versatile and adaptable to your sonic requirements, musical style and work-flow. The VI Series is powered by the free Vienna Instruments Pro player, the predecessor of our Vienna Synchron Player.
More details here.


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