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buy from a local dealer. always.

You can buy original music software (DAW, plug-ins, sample libraries, upgrades) online from international stores and also through their authorised India exclusive dealer in India like

Here are some BIG benefits for end-users to buy software locally in India, than make a direct online purchase from international stores!

1. Pricing

Direct Import by end-user:

  • A product costing say USD 100 on an international store will end up costing you about USD 104 (due to foreign currency charges of credit cards / PayPal fees).
  • As a GST registered individual or company, you also have to pay 18% IGST on this amount in your monthly returns as per the GST law.
  • The actual cost comes to USD 104 plus 18% IGST = USD 122.72

Buying from

Say you buy the same USD 100 product from us. What does the India price then come to?
USD 84.7 (product price) plus 18% local GST = USD 100 is what you pay. But well, in Indian Rupees at the latest currency rates.

So you end up buying the same product from for a net price of USD 84.7, and the balance amount of USD 15.3 can be set off as GST input credit against your own local invoices raised.

Most companies have offered us to for special India pricing for software. So in most cases the listed USD 100 price would be available at USD 95 in our India store. All prices mentioned on our web-store include 18% GST and the price break-ups are also mentioned, as seen in this real comparison example (as on Aug 26, 2018). is the authorised dealer in India for Antares Audio Tech., USA.

Note: If an offer is running on the manufacturer’s site, then the offer prices are made available to you in India also!


2. GST (Goods and Services Tax) benefits

Direct Import by end-user:

  • To show a software purchase as business expense, you need to have an Import Export Certificate (IEC) number for all international transactions.
  • If you do not have a GST registration, then it is illegal to show such direct import purchases as a business expense. Read more about the benefits of GST here >>

Buying from

  • As seen in the pricing example given above, the same USD 100 product costs you net USD 84.7, and the balance 15.3 GST amount can be set off against your local invoices.
  • Even if you do not have a GST registration, most of our web-store software prices are already lower than the international prices! This is due to the special India pricing given to us.
    Moreover, you do not need any Import Export Certificate (IEC) number, since you are buying in India and from an Indian registered company.
  • So it turns out to be financially beneficial, legal and hassle-free buying from us in India.


3. Income Tax benefits

Direct Import by end-user:

Software purchased for your business (music production / recording studio), can be claimed as a capital expenditure in your annual Income Tax (I.T.) returns. However, you do need have to have a valid IEC and a GST number to make direct purchases.

Buying from

Even if you do not have a GST registration and/or an IEC number, you are fully authorised to claim the total invoice expense amount in your I.T. returns, when you buy a product from us locally. That’s one more advantage!


4. Payment Options

Direct Import by end-user:

You need to have an international credit card with high limits, or create a PayPal account, to shop online from any international online store.

Buying from

  • We offer several online payment options – local bank debit card / any credit card / Rupay / Paytm / UPI, etc. You can also can buy a product on EMI basis via select credit cards.
  • Don’t have a credit card or are afraid of online fraud? No problem!
    You also have a choice to pay by cash / cheque in our account at any ICICI bank branch across India.
  • NEFT / IMPS / RTGS payment modes are also available for payment in Indian currency.


(as on July 21, 2018)


Name of Product

Direct Import from
an International Store

Purchased from


Image Line

FL Studio Signature Bundle





Rs. 21,000

– plus 18% IGST to be paid in monthly returns

– IEC number required

– Pay by an international credit card or PayPal only

Rs. 16,250

– plus 18% GST with I.T. Dept. acceptable invoice and GST input credit benefits

– No IEC required

– Pay by card / cash / EMI on CC/ NEFT, etc. etc.

Total: Rs. 24,780 with 18% IGST INDIA price: Rs. 19,175 including local GST of Rs. 2925 for set-off

RX Post Production Suite

Rs. 1,05,000

– 18% IGST to be paid and filed monthly

– IEC number required

– Pay by international credit card with high limits

Rs. 86,600


– plus 18% GST with I.T.  dept. acceptable invoice and GST input credit benefits!

– No IEC required

– Pay by card / cash / EMI on CC / NEFT, etc.

Total: Rs. 1,23,900 with 18% IGST INDIA price: Rs. 1,02,188 including local GST of Rs. 15,588 for set-off

ADDITIONAL benefits of buying from

  • Most software box packs, eLicensers and iLok keys are in ready stock at our Mumbai office.
  • On working days: electronic licenses are emailed within 1 day, and many of them are sent within 15 minutes, on receipt of payment!
  • Tele-support available to you in Hindi / Marathi / Gujarati / English.
  • Get additional discount coupon codes from
  • For all software priced above Rs. 20,000, you get a donation gifting option for the poor and needy via, without spending an extra rupee! More details here >>
  • Buying locally shows your support to an Indian company that imports products officially, pays GST as per the guidelines, and passes on price benefits to you; and is engaged in running India’s only YouTube channel for music producers and sound engineers.
  • Some heavy installer files are available with us. They can be sent to you on a pen drive (at nominal costs)! Therefore, you end up saving time and money in downloading them!
  • By purchasing products locally, you not only help sustain, but also enable us to generate more jobs.


How are we able to do it?

Most international software companies we work with understand India’s low purchasing power. And it is because of their support that we at Sudeep Audio are being able to offer products at special prices in India.

The local GST amount in your invoices is an additional saving, if you are a registered person / company.
Even if you do not have GST, you still get to buy original software at cheaper prices (all inclusive) in India from – India’s first online store focussed on selling music software, plugins and more.


P.S. Read some of our customer testimonials here >>


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