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Equipment for YouTubers, Podcasters

Posted On07/04/2020
You do not have to spend a lot to become a podcaster or even a YouTuber. Besides the camera (for Youtubers), most beginners lose focus or ignore the more important aspect in a podcast. The Audio! So…
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Pianist-Amateur has recorded more than 68 billion tunes

Posted On02/03/2020
Pianist and lawyer Damien RIL along with another programmer Noah Rubin has recorded more than 68 billion tunes to minimize lawsuits on copyright, according to Vice. The melodies were then copyrighted…
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1. Track My Order on SudeepAudio.com

Posted On25/11/2019
With every successful order after payment, you receive a unique BMS (BuildMyStudio) Order Number starting with BMS Order#. TRACK YOUR ORDER HERE >> The tracking page will be updated in stages…
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Black Friday deals in India

Posted On16/11/2019
Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.  It was originally called Black Friday…

Think Global. Buy Local.

Posted On21/07/2018
You can buy original music software (DAW, plug-ins, sample libraries, upgrades) online from international stores and also through their authorised India exclusive dealer in India…

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