2. Why buy software from SudeepAudio.com?

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2. Why buy software from SudeepAudio.com?

Posted On25/11/2019
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  1. We sell only original software – DAW, plugins, loop libraries, virtual instruments, etc.
    Read our customer testimonials here >>
  2. We are authorised dealers for all that we sell on our webstore. Infact, there are many brands pending to be added!
  3. Our software (both boxed and electronic serials) are priced at par; and in most cases, less than international prices including import duty and 18% IGST! That makes us the cheapest place to buy originals in the world!!
  4. Offers available on international stores – like Black Friday, etc. are valid in India too!
  5. Buying original software should not even be a debate, if making music / sound engineering is your main source of livelihood.
  6. For software priced above a certain amount, you will also see a GiveIndia logo on the product pages. For such purchases, you can choose to make a donation to the needy (extremely poor Indian fellow citizens) at NO EXTRA COST!
    Here’s more about YOU BUY. WE DONATE. >>

Legal, Financial and other benefits. Read here >>


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