Career Guidance in Music / Audio

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These are some converSAtions with well known sound engineers in the Indian industry. The regional languages are aimed at helping those who understand them better as the speakers are also sharing information in their own mother tongue.

Concerned parents will find these videos useful to know more about the sound engineering prospects in India.

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These are some converSAtions videos from which you can learn about how to build a career in music production or sound engineering and other professions related to music.

Some of these videos are in regional languages of India.

Watch. Learn. And don’t forget to thank these artists too 🙂

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On this new channel called “Career Ki Baatein with Aditya Mehta”, watch some videos on how to become a musician / music producer / sound engineer alongwith various other careers.

This show is also available as a podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other platforms.


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