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Sherley Singh is the founder of Joshua Inc., Mumbai. This is one of the only companies in India that provides services to music composers, lyricists, etc. with publishing administration help.

A series of episodes with Sherley will guide you – the composer / lyricist / publisher – about the importance of registering your musical works with a royalty society.

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A topic that is getting hotter by each passing day in India, it is essential that you as a musician / singer / music producer / arranger / composer understand this in-depth.

Let no one take you for a ride or misguide you any further! And there is no one better to educate you on this than copyright expert and consultant to IPRS – Mr. Achille Forler.

 Listen to the audio episodes on the links below:


For any professional legal services you require on music copyrights, contact Mr. Parag Kamani (media & entertainment lawyer) here >>

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Media and entertainment lawyer, and an industry veteran with a 30+ year experience, Parag Kamani writes a series of articles for customers on the essential basics of music copyrights.

Read all four parts here from the links below. For any professional hiring of services related to copyrights, trademark, IPRS work, etc. send us an email.


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