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'Congratulations to SA's outstanding success in a business-segment that often would have made you feel like Don Quixote. Whenever I talk to a musician from India, he (or she) is already familiar with your company! Whenever I talk with people from the Indian music-business, they know about SA too!! But the real incredible thing: I have met nobody (and I do meet a lot of people) saying anything bad about your services. Both are spreading only good words! I can only join them, and I am very proud not only to be a business-partner but also a friend!'

- Guenter Loibl, CEO, Rebeat Digital, Europe's largest music distributor

'This company is not just about pushing boxes. They are a passionate bunch who really care about the scene. I love the fact that they have been instrumental in not just making software available, but also being a part of it [philtre labs and swarplug], the tutorials and interviews are a great source of inspiration to people new to the industry and also the website promotes artists. I have had umpteen number of overseas queries for work just because of the interview SA published 10 years ago!! More power and Love to them!'

- Sameeruddin, Music composer/producer, Mumbai

'Doing business with has been extremely pleasurable to say the least. The products that i have bought from you guys has helped me tremendously in my work for film and TV. Currently working on the score for Dhoom 3 and Gundey, I have used your products extensively within these productions. I am ever so thankful for your company to provide the best original software in the world at my doorstep, including quality after sale service too. I reiterate my best wishes for the future.'

- Julius Packiam, OST composer (Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom-3, etc.)

'My prayers and support are always with you, and you have been there for me whenever I need guidance from you. I'll be your big fan forever... lots of love.'

- PMK Naveen Kumar, One of India's best know flautists

'Sudeep Audio is the place to come for all your musical needs. SA goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best gear, service and prices. It's not just a great online music store but also a site that deals with the real music world and has a heart for all who want to learn in the form of some interesting interviews. After dealing with SA for 4 years now i would say its the most practical store ever, and its all just a click away.'

- Jarvis Menezes, Keyboardist, Mumbai

Displaying: 1-5 of 44