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Upon getting delivery of your Native Instruments hardware from, without any delay:

  1. create or login to your Novation user account here >>
  2. register your product serial(s) on NI Access, as explained below

Native Access is an administration tool for product activation, installation and updates for all your Native Instruments products. It can be found in the following directory:

  • Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Native Access
  • Windows: C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > Native Access

Before installing your NI hardware, please read these instructions carefully. Go here >>

FAQs on Native Access given here >>

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When purchasing a Native Instruments hardware product, you will find a registration card in your product box like the one pictured below. In this example, the bottom of the card shows the MASCHINE serial:


Read and follow the instructions given carefully for a smooth and quick installation of your NI product(s). Go here >>

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To obtain specific ‘Getting Started’ instructions for your particular NI device, please use the link printed on the flyer contained in your NI product’s box.

As an example for NI Maschine, you will find the ‘Getting Started’ instructions for MASCHINE under:

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Select your purchased NI hardware product and watch getting started videos, setup process and much more.

Go here >>

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Use our self-help wizard for TRAKTOR issues to diagnose, watch tutoREals and easily solve your problems here >>

If your issue is not solved, you can submit a support request on the NI website from your NI user account.

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FIRST, try troubleshooting with the Hardware Solution Wizard here >>

Should service be still required within the period of warranty or even later, please contact us.

In India, the authorised service centre is located in Chennai.

  • Shipping costs of sending and getting back the product(s) to and from the service centre are borne by the customer.
  • Our invoice is also to be sent along as proof of purchase.
  • The service centre will update you on the cost of repair and/or parts not covered under the manufacturer warranty terms.


Rest assured, our SA team will assist you all along this process – whether the product is in warranty or not.

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Native Access is your one-stop hub for easy product installation, registration, and updates. Open Native Access and log into your Native Instruments account to get set up.

  • To know about and download Native Access, go here >>
  • FAQs on Native Access given here >>


KOMPLETE Software:

  • Compare Komplete versions here >>
  • To get installation steps to install Komplete software, go here >>


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Use the NI self-help wizard for any installation issues to diagnose and solve your problems quickly and easily.

If your issue is not solved, you can submit a support request via your Native Access user account.

Go here >>

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For all issues regarding KONTAKT and KONTAKT Libraries, please use this dedicated support tool here >>

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The NI Komplete products sold by in India are boxed products.

The included USB 2.0 hard disk in the box you receive can only be used to install the KOMPLETE software on your system. It is not possible to play sample content directly from this hard disk, or to run applications other than the installation program.

Do not attempt to reformat this KOMPLETE hard disk. Formatting the hard disk will ultimately erase the KOMPLETE installation program from the disk, thus making it impossible to install KOMPLETE from the hard drive again. Please note that problems resulting from formatting the KOMPLETE hard disk are not covered by warranty.

So we suggest you immediately copy all contents from the NI hard drive to your own external, good quality hard disk for backup and future use.

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When starting Native Access, it will automatically scan all activated products and will detect any missing software items such as applications, plug-ins or libraries. Should Native Access find missing software, the corresponding product entry in the Installed products tab shows a REPAIR button:


Possible reasons for missing items include:

  • The software has been moved to a different location on your computer.
  • The hard drive containing the software has been renamed.
  • The files have been deleted.
To know how to use the REPAIR function, follow the steps given here >>
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In scenarios when you may have a couple of setups (say a laptop and a desktop), this article will be useful to you in knowing the steps involved in using your Komplete library content between them… using an external hard drive.

Important Note: The NI Komplete drive you get in the box pack (including updates / upgrade packs) from is meant only for installation purpose and not regular hard drive use for any other purpose.

We recommend to install only the KONTAKT Libraries included in the KOMPLETE bundle to an external drive and to install the rest of the content (REAKTOR, GUITAR RIG, BATTERY) on your computer’s internal system drive. The KONTAKT Libraries included in the KOMPLETE bundle represent the largest part of the KOMPLETE content in terms of disk space and are easy to share between computers.

Note: The procedure is explained for two different computers but it can apply to as many systems as you want.

Read the full help article here >>



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