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The XLN Online Installer is a one click solution to download, install and authorize your XLN products. It also lets you add demos and trials of products you don’t own.

Download the installation package, extract all files and run the installation program. After you have completed the installation process once, the XLN Online Installer will be installed on your system and you can safely remove the downloaded package. The next time you need to update existing products or install new ones, simply run the XLN Online Installer from your Launch Pad / Applications folder or Start Menu.

Note: Use your computer’s standard, built-in extraction tool. For Windows just right click and select “Extract All…”. Using a 3rd party extraction tool such as Win RAR has been known to cause issues.

Get the XLN Windows installer here >>

Get the XLN Mac installer here >>



If you are logged in to the XLN Audio website, you can register Product Keys bought from SudeepAudio.com on the ‘Register Product’ page in ‘My Account’.


Product Keys come in two different formats (examples / dummy numbers given below):



Note: Products keys are single use only, once a key has been registered you will not need to use it again. We help keep track of all your products and licenses for you.

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How do i authorise my XLN products?

All downloads, installations and authorizations for all XLN Audio products are handled through theĀ XLN Online Installer.

Can I install on an offline computer?

It is not possible to install XLN Audio software on an offline computer. All XLN Audio software requires an internet connection while downloading/installing.

When the installation process is done you can use our products with the computer offline for as long as needed.

How do I install my XLN Audio product on my second computer?

According to the license agreement you can have our products installed on two computers at the same time. Simply run the XLN Online Installer on your second computer and you will be prompted to register your computer before you go further with the installation process.

Read this if you want to de-register a computer in favor for installing on a third computer.


I want to sell my XLN Audio products. Are license transfers allowed?
Yes! License transfers are allowed for all products except for OEM licenses (i.e. XLN Audio software bundled with software or hardware from other companies like Focusrite or Novation).

  • Use the Online Installer to uninstall the XLN products you want to sell.
  • Tell the buyer to create an account with XLNAudio.com.
  • Give them his/her e-mail address.
  • After that XLN Audio will transfer the licenses to the new owner’s account.
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Audio plugin tools or “VSTs” like Addictive Drums often do the job in many drum productions. Be it a demo-track or a Spotify hit. In some cases, you want to make the beat sound even more alive realistic and human. What you want to do is called humanizing. Here are a few common tricks you can do if the beat feels ‘programmed’ and maybe not as groovy as you want.

Use the XLN Audio Addictive Trigger (AT) or any other drum trigger plugin that supports this function. The AT will detect the hits in your audio file and assign them to a drum of your choice. It triggers the drum. …and it’s very good at detecting. Watch the video to know more.

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XO by XLN Audio is a unique beat-making & drum sample exploration tool. Like all XLN Audio software, XO was created to make music production faster and more fun, without compromising the quality of the output.

Addictive Drums 2 brings the world’s finest drums straight into your music. Its outstanding drums, professionally-played rhythms, and phenomenal mixing features make your productions sound alive.

Watch some of these tutorials to learn to use the product better.


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